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Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping, Payments and General Information

(To Receive Proper Payment for Your Shipment to us ALWAYS Review This List of References)

#1….Packing Slips for Your Shipment(s) to Us

You must include a packing slip with each box you ship to us (place the packing slip inside the shipping box).  Your packing slip must reflect the actual contents of your shipping box sent to us.

For “Empty/Used Cartridge Packing Slip” (Empty/Used Cartridges ONLY) log onto:

Empty Cartridge Packing Slip

For “New Cartridge and Supplies Packing Slip” (New Toner and Cartridges ONLY) log onto:

New Cartridges and Supplies Packing Slip

#2….Which Empty Cartridges do we Accept and How Much do we Pay?

To find all empty cartridges we accept and prices we pay log onto:

Empty Cartridge Price List

#3….Can I get Info Over the Telephone About Which Empty Cartridges You Accept?

Sorry, no. If you have a question about which cartridges we accept or prices we pay you must log onto Empty Cartridge Price List to see every empty cartridge we accept and prices we pay. Our technical assistance operators cannot answer questions about the acceptance of a specific empty cartridge. You must go online to Empty Cartridge Price List  to discover that. Although we accept hundreds of different make and model empty cartridges, some empty cartridges are, by design, not recyclable. Our list is updated daily. If you do not find a specific empty toner or ink cartridge listed at Empty Cartridge Price List, then it is not recyclable. You can ask a question online at Questions and Comments. You can also call us about UPS issues, for larger shipment (over 150 empty cartridges per shipment) freight pickups, etc. at (205)-833-2704 between the hours of 8am-5pm Central Time (US) M-F

#4….How do I Pack my Toner and Ink Cartridges to Ship to

If you are shipping empty/used cartridges to us, follow the directions at:

Empty Cartridge Shipping Instructions

If you are shipping new toner or cartridges to us, follow the directions at:

New Cartridge Shipping Instructions

#5….Can I Check the Status of Payment for My Shipment to

Yes.  For empty cartridge shipments, checks are issued within 21 business days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays) after we receive your shipment. For new toner and cartridge shipments to us, payment is issued for the agreed upon quoted price within 7 business days after we receive your products. Of course, payment is contingent your new products being the type and condition as was agreed upon. When we buy new products from you, you can also option to get paid within 24 hours, via Next Day FedEx, or Next Day US Mail. There is a service fee of 6% of the total purchase price of your new products plus the actual US Mail or UPS fee for the Next Day Service. The next day payment option is not available for empty cartridge purchases. To check the status of your payment log onto Status of Your Payment and provide the requested information.


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