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Print This Packing Slip Document and Include in Each Shipping Box

TonerBuyer.com New Toner and Supplies Packing Slip              Date

Enter your information into the appropriate fields on this packing slip and then print this packing slip. Print as many packing slips as needed to include a separate packing slip in each shipping box. If you are shipping in more than one shipping box, always list, in the correct field below, the total number of shipping boxes in your shipment. Use this packing slip only when you are shipping new / unused (not used or empty) printer, copier and fax supplies to TonerBuyer.com. If your toner and ink cartridges are empty or used log onto www.tonerbuyer.com/packempty.html for the correct packing slip. Be sure and retain all UPS or other shipping / tracking numbers, which are located on your shipping label(s).

Your Check will be Issued to the Name and Address Below


Mailing Address

 City StateZip


Ship To  Information

Image Craft

1151 Gadsden Highway

Birmingham, Alabama 35235


 Manufacturer and Part Number Description and Condition Quantity

Item 1.

Item 2.

Item 3.

Item 4.

Item 5.

Item 6.

Item 7.

Item 8.


Quote Amount


Terms and Conditions of this Payment Quote

The "Quote Amount" is the total payment for all products shipped including items listed on additional packing slips as may be needed for your total shipment. Seller warrants and agrees to purchaser that the seller has good title to the above listed merchandise. Seller warrants that the above merchandise is free and clear of any liens and encumbrances.


Signature of Seller

Total Number of Boxes in this Shipment         This is Box    of   

Remember to keep a copy of this packing slip for your records. Thank you for selling us your merchandise.

Print Additional Packing Slips as Needed